2017 HRAF Internship in Honor of Melvin Ember

LogoOrange120The Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) at Yale University is pleased to announce a one-year internship in Melvin Ember’s name. Melvin Ember was President of HRAF from 1987 until his death in 2009. The intent of the internship is to learn about cross-cultural research and methods through practical experience. Some of the main goals will be: 1) helping Carol Ember prepare modules summarizing cross-cultural research; 2) read and analyze recent cross-cultural research with the goal of summarizing materials for researchers; and 3) learn about coding ethnographic materials by participating in a cross-cultural research project. The internship will reimburse expenses (living, meals, and miscellaneous expenses) in the amount of $400 per week for approximately 50 weeks beginning some time in summer of 2017. Travel costs up to $800 will also be reimbursed. Hours are based on a 37.5 hour week. Internship candidates must already have the right to work in the United States for the coming year.

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