Christiane Cunnar

Member Services Administratorchristine-cunnar-med

Christiane Cunnar received her M.A. in anthropology from the University of Wyoming with her thesis on the taphonomy of a bison bone assemblage from an Early Archaic bison kill site. Christiane has participated in archaeological projects in the High Plains and Great Basin of the U.S., as well as projects in Volga region of Russia, Siberia, and Shandong Province of China.

In 1997 she started working for Human Relations Area Files as a research associate, and subsequently was appointed as member services coordinator, a multi-faceted position. She serves as liaison to HRAF’s 500+ academic member institutions worldwide providing support for faculty, students, and librarians. She regularly conducts eHRAF database workshops and has written numerous user guides, and tutorials. She has co-authored Teaching eHRAF, an online student workbook. As an avid user of eHRAF World Cultures & Archaeology, she enjoys helping scholars in getting the most out of these unique cross-cultural databases.

She also markets eHRAF, including the social media postings. So, if you would like to receive occasional updates or temporary access to eHRAF, or have suggestions for other new and creative ways to tell the academic community about these powerful ethnographic and archaeological databases, please email her at

In her leisure time, Chris enjoys anything outdoors, but especially hiking, cross-country and downhill skiing, camping, and horseback riding. On weekends she goes on bike rides with Outspokin’, a local bike club in East Rock, New Haven. When it is too cold for bike riding you can find her at hand building or throwing pots at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. She loves theater and enjoys shows at the Yale Repertory and the Long Wharf Theater, and occasional dinners and shows at the Yale Cabaret.