Houses, Tipis, Igloos and other Dwellings

Dogon Houses

Dogon Houses…indexed as “Dwellings”  in eHRAF. Photo Credit: Henk Paul/Shutterstock

“Dwelling,” used in eHRAF as subject to index and search the ethnographic and archaeological texts, is described as: “residential buildings (e.g., hogans, tipis, tents, lodges, yurts); seasonal, local and status differences in dwelling types; caves as dwellings; durability and portability of dwellings; mode of construction; adequacy (e.g., for protection from elements, for security, or light and ventilation); typical number of occupants; ceremonies during and after construction; etc.”

This screenshot shows the steps in selecting “dwelling” as OCM subject in the Advanced Search. Email us for temporary access to eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology.


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