Exploring Cultures by Regions and Subregions

Searching across regions and subregions is one of eHRAF's truly unique features

Searching for culture names across regions and subregions is one of eHRAF’s truly unique features

Searching for cultures across regions (e.g. Africa) and subregions (e.g. Eastern Africa) is one of eHRAF’s unique features. This is especially important for regional comparisons of ethnic groups, indigenous people, and preindustrial societies. The major regions included are: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle America and the Caribbean, North America, Oceania, and South America.

How is this done?

  • Browse Cultures > By Region for culture summaries and culturally specific ethnographies
  • Advanced Search > Either use the Add Cultures button to select a region and subregion, or select the region after your search (see image).
  • In Basic Search add the region name as a search term (e.g. “North America”)

For more information see the Practical Guide to Using eHRAF.




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