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As a small, nonprofit organization, HRAF is more than a database provider. In addition to providing unlimited on- and off campus access to eHRAF for our member institutions, we take pride in giving personalized support (e.g. webinars) to librarians, faculty, researchers, and students.

Consortium and regular associate memberships for eHRAF World Cultures are available for academic institutions. Memberships are also available for researchers not affiliated with member institutions.

1. Annual Consortium Membership Dues

Academic institutions (i.e., universities, colleges, research institutions, high schools), museums, and public libraries are eligible for consortium dues for eHRAF World Cultures.

The consortium membership dues are based on the institution’s full-time student enrollment (FTE) for the past fall semester and includes all undergraduates, graduates and professional students.

 eHRAF World CulturesConsortium dues are based on FTE per Institution 

4 year academic institutions

2 year academic institutions

High Schools

<4,000 $1,395 $1,095 $995
  4,001 - 12,000 $1,795 $1,495 $995
  12,001 - 20,000 $2,495 $2,195 $995
>20,000 $2,895 $2,595 $995

For a public library or museum the annual consortium membership is based on the population served:

Population Served

Consortium Dues for eHRAF World Cultures
Public Libraries & Museums

<200,000 $1,095
  200,001 – 500,000 $1,595
>500,000 $2,095

2. Regular Annual Associate Membership

A regular annual membership for eHRAF World Cultures is based on the library budget for materials expenditure and is for an institution that are not part of a consortium.

Last Year’s Annual Library Budget for Material Expenditures at Member Institution
(includes all library expenditures, e.g. books, periodicals, electronic resources, supplies and equipment, preservation, etc., but excludes salaries)
Regular Annual Associate Dues for eHRAF World Cultures
Sponsoring Member $5450**
>$5 million $3895*
$1-5 million $3595*
<$ 1 million $3295*
High School or Small Public Library
(<75,000 people)
Native American & First Nations Institutions in the United States & Canada. Institutions (not international organizations) outside the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe may also be eligible for these special dues. $695

*Standing-order dues (5 or more years). For a non-standing order associate membership contact HRAF.
**Sponsoring members play a role in the governance of HRAF.

3. Individual Membership

An individual (single-use) membership for eHRAF World Cultures for a 6-month period is $250.  Typically it is for an individual, not affiliated with a HRAF member institution, who wants to use eHRAF World Cultures for research, but not teaching.

Contact HRAF to request a membership agreement and for more information: 1-800-520-HRAF (4723), 203-764-9401 or email

Additional Links

  • User Support, Services, and Guides (Practical tips for searching eHRAF, steps for conducting cross-cultural research, and support services for librarians (e.g. informational webinars), faculty (e.g. consultations), and students (customized webinars for classes).
  • Teaching eHRAF (30+ online student exercises and assignments for teaching cultural anthropology, archaeology, medical anthropology, and research methods)
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