eHRAF Trial Information

When we receive a trial request, we usually issue a password that is valid for one month. However, longer trials are available for institutions interested in eHRAF for teaching. If this is case, we encourage faculty to ask their library to set up a 60-day IP authenticated trial.

Why? Well, for a number of reasons:

1. During an IP trial, unless the library restricts the number of IP address, the entire institution and unlimited users have full and unrestricted access to the eHRAF databases.

2. During an IP trial, the library usually advertises eHRAF as a “database trial” on its library website and sends announcements to interested departments and faculty.

3. During an IP trial, we offer extensive support and services for librarians, faculty, students, and researchers, including informational webinars for librarians, faculty, and student classes, online student exercises, and research help.

4. After an IP authenticated trial, we provide the library with user statistics for the eHRAF databases. This is important! Because usage plays an important role in the evaluation of eHRAF, we encourage faculty who request a trial to recommend that their colleagues and faculty from other departments try out eHRAF as well.

Sometimes faculty may want to try eHRAF without getting their library involved. In these cases, we would be happy to set up a unique username and password.

Please email trial requests to

Important for Librarians: If submitting IP addresses, please do so in an email, excel file, or word document, but not in PDF format. Be sure to let us also know any special configuration settings (e.g. ez proxy).





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