Refining Searches by Subsistence Type

Subsistence and sample types in eHRAF's results page

Subsistence and sample types in eHRAF’s results page

If you want to focus your research on cultures grouped by similar subsistence patterns, eHRAF now makes this process easy.

We have categorized all the cultures in eHRAF by major subsistence types such as primarily hunter-gatherers, pastoralists, horticulturalists, intensive agriculturalists, and commercial economy. For a quick overview of all the subsistence categories and cultures click here.

The Advanced Search section of the Practical Guide to Using eHRAF will show you how to refine your search results by cultures with specific subsistence types. The image shows what a culture results page looks like in eHRAF World Cultures with subsistence types set for “hunter-gatherers” and “primarily hunter-gatherers.” 


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