Status and Treatment of the Aged

Old Sherpa Man in Nepal

Old Sherpa Man in Nepal

eHRAF World Cultures includes data on cultural definition and explanations of old age; idealized and derogatory evaluations of old age; conception of the ideal old man and old woman; symbols and synonyms for age and longevity; prerogatives and disabilities of the aged; special exemptions (e.g., from legal sanctions, from taboos); etiquette toward the aged; treatment of the aged (e.g., exploitation, neglect, obedience, respect); support of the aged; (e.g., investments, fees for services, annuities, pension s, assistance from relatives); care of the aged; customs of abandoning and killing the aged; etc.

The ethnographic texts in eHRAF World Cultures are indexed with subjects (also called OCMs). Subjects, such as “status and treatment of the aged” (OCM 888) can be used in Advanced Search to find relevant paragraphs and pages for this concept.


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