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  1. Societal correlates of possession trance in sub-saharan africaGreenbaum, Lenora - Religion, Altered States of Consciousness, and Social Change, 1973 - 2 Hypotheses

    This study examines correlates of possession trance among cultures in sub-Saharan Africa. Several variables were tested (including community organization, marriage form, family form, and settlement pattern) but only a few were related to possession trance. Results indicate that the presence of slavery, stratification, and role and structure differentiation are significantly associated with possession trance.

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  2. Cross-cultural study of the use of elections for selection of the village headmanGreenbaum, Lenora - Behavior Science Research, 1977 - 3 Hypotheses

    This study examines variation in economy, political form, social complexity and family relationships between societies using election/consensus decision making for determining leadership and societies that do not use election/consensus decision making. Findings do not show a pattern of variance based on leader selection type.

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  3. Diversity and homogeneity in world societiesBourguignon, Erika - , 1973 - 23 Hypotheses

    This book provides a summary of data available in the Ethnographic Atlas. Social, political, economic, and kinship variables are included, as well as information about religious beliefs, social restrictions, and games. Data is divided into world areas for the purposes of regional comparison.

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