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  1. On the conditions favoring extended family householdsPasternak, Burton - Journal of Anthropological Research, 1976 - 1 Hypotheses

    This study proposes that extended family households are more common when a mother or father in a one-family household cannot meet activity requirements. Empirical analysis suggests that this trend occurs in both agricultural and non-agricultural societies.

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  2. On the development of unilineal descentEmber, Carol R. - Journal of Anthropological Research, 1974 - 9 Hypotheses

    This article tests some conditions that may lead to the emergence of unilineal descent, focusing on unilocality and warfare. Unilineal descent is thought to be likely in a unilocal society without a centralized political system that is experiencing intra- or inter-societal warfare. The authors also posit that a "clan" system usually develops prior to a "lineage" system.

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