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  1. Child training with indulgence followed by compliance is positively associated with group initiation using masks and/or disciplinary whipping (5).Granzberg, Gary - The psychological integration of culture: a cross-cultural study of Hopi typ..., 1973 - 2 Variables

    This article explores the hypothesis that certain initiation and child-rearing patterns are integrated by virtue of the fact that the child rearing creates a specific kind of problem personality that the initiation counteracts. Early indulgence followed by compliance child training is explored in the Hopi culture, and similar patterns are examined in a sample of societies.

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  2. "Twin infanticide is found in societies that provide insufficient facilities for a mother properly to rear two children at once while at the same time fulfilling her other responsibilities" (406)Granzberg, Gary - Twin infanticide: a cross-cultural test of a materialistic explanation, 1973 - 2 Variables

    This study investigates a material explanation for the practice of twin infanticide. Empirical analysis suggests that twin infanticide is more likely where women lack sufficient facilities to rear two infants while fulfilling her other responsibilities.

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