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  1. The level of sexual jealousy will be positively associated with "social structures or cultural customs that (a) require pair-bonding for economic survival, companionship, and recognition of the individual as a competent adult member of the society; (b) stress the need for personal descendants; (c) emphasize private ownership of property; and (d) restrict nonmarital and extramarital sexual intercourse" (54).Hupka, Ralph B. - The cultural contribution to jealousy: cross-cultural aggression in sexual j..., 1990 - 5 Variables

    This article examines the relationship between social structures and sexual jealousy. Results suggest that social structures that emphasize the importance of pair-bonding, progeny, personal property, and exclusive marital sex relations are associated with sexual jealousy in males.

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  2. Sexual jealousy will be associated with cultural attitudes towards pairbonding, progeny, property, and sex (333).Hupka, Ralph B. - Cultural determinants of jealousy, 1981 - 5 Variables

    This study explores the relationship between property ownership, pair bonding, and sex as predictors of romantic jealousy. The results of an unpublished cross-cultural study are presented in support of the theory.

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