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  1. Subsistence economy, societal size, and the presence of writing and records will all be associated with stage of religious evolution (459).Sanderson, Stephen K. - The evolutionary forms of the religious life: a cross-cultural, quantitative..., 2008 - 4 Variables

    This article develops a new measure of religious evolution and uses multivariate statistical techniques to examine correlates of different religious stages. Results suggest that subsistence economy, societal size, and the presence of writing and records are all associated with the evolution toward monotheism.

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  2. Social stratification, class stratification, subsistence type, intensity of cultivation, use of plow, patrilineality, and patrilocality/virilocality will be positively associated with gender inequality, and female contribution to agriculture will be negatively associated with gender inequality (1427, 1438).Sanderson, Stephen K. - Militarist, marxian, and non-marxian materialist theories of gender inequali..., 2005 - 8 Variables

    This article tests three types of theories of gender inequality in preindustrial societies. Bivariate and multivariate analyses suggest little support for militarist theories, moderate support for Marxian theories, and strong support for non-Marxian theories.

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