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  1. Water insecurity is associated with gender-based violence.Tallman, Paula S. - Water insecurity and gender-based violence: A global review of the evidence, 2022 - 2 Variables

    This study conducted a literature review of papers regarding the association between water insecurity and gender-based violence. The authors found 18 articles that documented this relationship in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The most common form of violence was an increased risk of sexual and physical violence for women who walked long distances to access water. Intimate partner violence was also reported due to household water inadequacy. However, there is a lack of information assessing gender-based violence and water insecurity in Latin America, North America, and Southeast Asia, and involving locally-based scholars. The authors suggest expanding the definition of "violence" in relation to water insecurity and adopting the term "gender-based water violence." They also encourage the development of cross-culturally validated measures of gender-based violence and standardized measures of water insecurity to evaluate interventions.

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