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  1. No novel statistical tests were performed for this study.van den Berghe, Pierre L. - Incest and exogamy: a sociobiological reconsideration, 1980 - 2 Variables

    This article uses alliance theory and kin selection theory to examine the relationship between consanguineous marriage and descent system. The author argues that there is no relationship between the severity of incest taboos and the rules of exogamy or endogamy. A series of testable hypotheses regarding incest, marital, and descent rules are presented.

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  2. There is a cross-cultural preference for lighter skin pigmentation in women (88).van den Berghe, Pierre L. - Skin color preference, sexual dimorphism and sexual selection: a case of gen..., 1986 - 2 Variables

    This study focuses on cultural preferences for skin pigmentation. Findings indicate a general preference for lighter pigmentation in women. Cultural and biological theories are offered, and the authors suggest the skin-pigmentation preference is an instance of gene-culture coevolution. Areas for further research to explain the relationship of this finding with other features of society are suggested.

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