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Terms and Conditions for the eHRAF databases

1. Authorized Trial Users of eHRAF World Cultures (hereafter “eHRAF”) may make all use of eHRAF as is consistent with and not in violation of the Fair Use Provisions under copyright law of the United States of America, international law, or the use restrictions set forth below. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit in any way whatsoever the Authorized Trial User’s rights to use eHRAF under the Fair Use provisions of United States or international law.

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Authorized trial users may download, copy, or print a reasonable portion of eHRAF data for their own scientific, research, or educational use, provided that such use does not exceed the limits set out in 4b. Instructors may use or display a reasonable portion of eHRAF data for classroom use, including teaching handouts or digital presentations.

4. eHRAF users may not:

a) Provide and/or authorize access to eHRAF content to others, including the sharing of user names and passwords.

b) Download, digitally copy, print out, distribute or otherwise make available significant portions of eHRAF beyond what is considered Fair Use (see number 1)

c) Produce or distribute derivative works that make extensive use of eHRAF’s search algorithms and metadata (such as eHRAF’s Outline of Cultural Materials, Outline of World Cultures and/or subject-indexing at the paragraph level) without written permission from HRAF.

d) Attempt to override, circumvent, or disable any eHRAF security features or software protections designed to limit printing, emailing, copying and downloading of content.

e) Unduly burden or disrupt eHRAF servers with automated computer programs that download, extract or export a high volume of content at a rapid pace.

Bringing food to a big house for a meal for the chiefs and young men. Some of the food will be brought back to the men's families. Photo of Ofu Villagers in Manu'a Samoa 1955. By Melvin Ember HRAF President (1987-2009)

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