Mats and Basketry…one of over 700 OCM Subjects

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Colorful woven baskets

In the eHRAF World Cultures and Archaeology databases you’ll find collected ethnographic and archaeological texts, subject indexed at the page and paragraph-level.  The 3-digit subjects, also called OCMs, are based on the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM), a vast thesaurus of indexes and categories.  One of the over 700 OCM subject category is “mats and basketry” (OCM 285) and refers to techniques in making baskets and mats (e.g., checkerwork, coiling, twilled work, twining, wickerwork, wrapped work); materials used in manufacturing; products; and other topics related to basketry.

Use “mats and basketry” as OCM subject in an Advanced Search.  Searching across regions and cultures you’ll find information of the concept (rather than keywords) at the paragraph- or page level. Email us for a temporary log-in to eHRAF World Cultures.