eHRAF World Cultures Membership & Trial Info

As a small, nonprofit and financially autonomous membership organization, HRAF is more than a database provider. In addition to providing unlimited on- and off campus access to eHRAF for our member institutions, we take pride in giving personalized support (e.g. webinars) to librarians, faculty, researchers, and students.

Consortium and regular associate memberships for our award-winning eHRAF World Cultures database are available for academic institutions. Individual memberships are also available for researchers not affiliated with member institutions. We also have long-term memberships.

Institutional Member Dues

Thank you for your interest in eHRAF World Cultures! We love welcoming new members into our organization. Dues for eHRAF World Cultures depend on whether your institution is considering becoming a consortia member or a regular associate member. Academic institutions (i.e., universities, colleges, research institutions, high schools), museums, and public libraries are eligible for consortium dues. We also offer regular associate member dues and sponsoring member dues.

Consortia Associate Membership

The consortium membership dues are assessed annually and are based on the institution’s full-time student enrollment (FTE) for the past fall semester and includes all undergraduates, graduates and professional students. Note that we have certain in-house options available if you are not a member of an existing library consortia. Contact us for an exact quote.  See below for museums and libraries.

eHRAF World Cultures
Academic Institution FTE
4-year Academic Institutions 2-year Academic Institutions High Schools
<4,000 $1,395 $1,095 $995
4,001 – 12,000 $1,795 $1,495 $995
12,001 – 20,000 $2,495 $2,195 $995
>20,000 $2,895 $2,595 $995

Regular Associate Membership

We also offer annual regular associate membership options for eHRAF World Cultures for academic institutions (i.e., universities, colleges, research institutions, high-schools). Museums and public libraries should contact HRAF for regular dues options.Contact us for an exact quote. 

Last Year’s Annual Library Budget for Material Expenditures at Member Institution* Regular Annual Associate Dues for eHRAF World Cultures
>$5 million $3895*
$1-5 million $3595*
<$ 1 million $3295*
High School $1550

*Includes all library expenditures, e.g. books, periodicals, electronic resources, supplies and equipment, preservation, etc., but excludes salaries

3- or 5- Year Associate Membership

For new members only:

eHRAF World Cultures $10,000 $15,000

Sponsoring Members

As a member based-organization established in 1943, we are indebted to the service of our sponsoring member institutions across the globe. They play a vital role in HRAF governance (setting dues, goals and policy at the annual Board meetings), and have helped shape our institution over nearly seventy years of exciting research and production. Sponsoring members pay additional annual dues of ($2155) over regular or consortium dues. (HRAF covers travel to the annual meetings.) Our current sponsoring members are listed below. If you are interested in becoming a sponsoring member, please get in touch here. For the names of sponsoring member representatives, see About HRAF.

Arizona State University, Tempe
California State University, Fullerton
University of Colorado, Boulder
George Mason University, Fairfax
University of Florida, Gainesville
Harvard University, Cambridge
Indiana University, Bloomington
University of Iowa, Iowa City
University of Kent, Canterbury
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
Lawrence University, Appleton
Max Planck Institute- Science of Human History, Jena, Germany
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan
University of Notre Dame, Indiana
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Texas A&M University, College Station
University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Yale University, New Haven

Long-Term Membership

HRAF is now offering long-term memberships (for 10 or 20 years) at a discount over current regular associate member dues or current consortium dues on the FTE plan. Long-term members will have full access to added culture collections, updates for existing culture document collections, and new software and application upgrades that are part of the core eHRAF World Cultures for the full term of membership. The following discounts are offered:

  • A 10-year membership for 9 years of prepaid dues
  • A 20-year membership for 18 years of prepaid dues

For a precise quote, please get in touch here.

Public Library & Museum Membership

Public libraries and museums are eligible for annual consortium membership, with a sliding scale of dues based on the population served. We also offer associate member dues and sponsoring member dues for our public libraries and museums. Contact us for details.

Population Served Consortium Dues for eHRAF World Cultures
Public Libraries & Museums
<200,000 $1,095
200,001 – 500,000 $1,595
>500,000 $2,095

Native American Membership

As an organization dedicated to disseminating cultural information and research on human diversity, we greatly value diversity in our membership base. We offer special member dues for Native American and First Nations institutions in the United States and Canada. Not in the USA or Canada? See if you qualify for our special country membership. Contact us with your country name here.

Annual Dues
eHRAF World Cultures
Native American Institutions $695

Special Country Membership

As an organization dedicated to disseminating cultural information and research on human diversity, we greatly value diversity in our membership base. We offer reduced member dues for institutions in countries listed by the World Bank as middle-income or lower-income, provided that 1) the total library budget for material expenditures at the institution is less than US$500,000 annually; 2) the institution is not within a two-hour drive of an existing member institution and 3) the institution is not an international organization.

Special Country Dues

(Income categories defined by the World Bank; currency in US dollars)

Annual Dues

eHRAF World Cultures

Low-Income Country $300
Lower-Middle-Income Country $300
Upper-Middle-Income Country $695*

*Previously, our annual dues were $695 for any qualifying institution in a low-, lower-middle-, or upper-middle-income country. We have since lowered our dues even further for institutions in low-income and lower-middle-income countries.

Individual Membership

An individual (single-use) membership for eHRAF World Cultures for a 6-month period is $250 ($125 in middle income or lower income countries). Typically it is for an individual, not affiliated with a HRAF member institution, who wants to use eHRAF World Cultures for research, but not teaching. Explore individual membership today. See below for trial information.

Sign up for a Trial

Get an IP Trial

Interested in accessing eHRAF at your institution but it isn’t yet a member? We offer 60-day trials for institutions interested in using eHRAF World Cultures or eHRAF Archaeology for teaching and research. If you are interested in getting 60-day access for your institution, sign up here.

Get an Individual Trial

Want to try eHRAF World Cultures or eHRAF Archaeology as an individual researcher or student? We offer short term (15-30 day) trials for individuals. Sign up here.

Single-Term Course Membership

Teaching a class that could use eHRAF access? We offer term-length course memberships at special rates. Contact us here.






Page updated 1/22/2018. Figures accurate at time of publication; rates subject to change.