Rise and fall of political complexity in island South-East Asia and the Pacific

Nature Vol/Iss. 467(7317) Nature Publishing Group Published In Pages: 801-804
By Currie, Thomas E., Greenhill, Simon J. , Gray, Russell D. , Hasegawa, Toshikazu, Mace, Ruth


A central issue in anthropology is the process through which political organization (sometimes referred to as cultural complexity) evolves: competing models typically argue for either incremental increases in complexity or larger, non-sequential increases in complexity. Here, the authors evaluate six different models of political evolution, utilizing a phylogenetic approach to analyze the evolution of 84 Austronesian-speaking societies.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)Other researchersSub-sample of Austronesian-speaking societies
Other (Drummond & Greenhill, 2009Other researchersLexical data

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