Was the Duchess of Windsor right?: A cross-cultural review of the socioecology of ideals of female body shape

Ethology and Sociobiology Vol/Iss. 13(3) Elsevier Published In Pages: 197-227
By Anderson, Judith L., Crawford, Charles B., Nadeau, Joanne, Lindberg, Tracy


Cultures vary widely in regards to beauty standards for female body fat: while industrialized nations typically prefer thinness in women, ethnographic reports indicate that plumpness is valued in many small-scale societies. Here the authors evaluate several hypotheses that relate variation in female body fat preference to variation in socioecology such as food storage, climate, male social dominance, valuation and restriction of women's work, and female stress during adolescence.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
HRAF Collection of Ethnography (paper/fiche)Researcher's Own
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)Other researchers

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