Socialization values and parental control techniques: A cross-cultural analysis of child-rearing

Journal of Comparative Family Studies Vol/Iss. 23 (1) Department of Sociology, University of Calgary Published In Pages: 39-54
By Ellis, Godfrey J., Petersen, Larry R.


An existing body of research has, based on Kohn's (1977) theory of values of conformity vs. self-reliance in children of blue -collar vs. white-collar working families, suggested that socialization which emphasizes conformity is more likely to employ coercive rather than inductive methods. However, the researchers' tests for correlation of emphasis on conformity with coercive, inductive, and overall parental control indicate that parents in societies which emphasize conformity utilize both methods equally, and exert more control overall over their children than those in societies which emphasize self-reliance. The authors also test for predictors of conformity and present path models of direct and indirect effects.

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