Social structure and conflict: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Working paper Vol/Iss. . Harvard Scholar Published In Pages: i-64
By Moscona, Jacob, Nunn, Nathan, Robinson, James A.


Using a sample of 145 African societies, the authors seek to examine the relationship between segmentary lineage organization and conflict. Presented is evidence supporting the claim that segmentary lineage societies are more prone to conflict and to conflicts larger in scale and duration. The authors aim to contribute to a better understanding of the determinants of conflict, and additionally address the applicability of the present study beyond Africa.


All analyses are repeated using an alternative measure of conflict (UCDP GED data). Results from the UCDP GED data and ACLED data are very similar. Additionally, the authors account for unobservables using Spatial RD Estimates, and find no evidence for omitted factors generating biased estimates.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)Researcher's Own
Ethnographic Survey of AfricaResearcher's Own
Armed Conflict Location and Event Data ProjectResearcher's Own

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