Evolution of Polynesian bark cloth and factors influencing cultural change

Journal of Anthropological Archaeology Vol/Iss. 30(2) Elsevier Published In Pages: 116-134
By Larsen, Anna W.


The purpose of the present article is to "reconstruct the prehistoric evolution and dispersal of Polynesian bark cloth (116)" using cladistic phylogenetic methods on ethnographic data. The author intends to shed light on the evolution of this cultural domain, as well as the settlement patterns and the diversification of Polynesian cultures. No hypotheses are explicitly stated or tested, rather, Larsen is concerned with designing the most accurate and reliable reconstructions in order to best conduct analyses and evaluate existing hypotheses. The utility of examining other cultural domains phylogenetically is discussed.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Various sourcesIncluded historical journals, field notes of European naturalists, missionary accounts, ethnographic data, reinterpretations of primary ethnographies

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