Cross-Cultural Correlates of the Ownership of Private Property: A Look from Another Data Base

Anthropologica Vol/Iss. 34(1) Canadian Anthropology Society Vancouver, CA Published In Pages: 71-88
By Rudmin, Floyd Webster


The present study builds upon Rudmin's 1992a publication by using a second data base to replicate and evaluate analyses on the cross-cultural correlates of private property ownership. Rudmin seeks to assess the reliability of Swanson's (1966) data base of 39 variables coded on 50 cultures. To do so, Swanson's data was evaluated against matching societies and variables from Murdock's (1967) Ethnographic Atlas. Swanson's reliable variables are tested against three measures of property ownership, one from Swanson and two from Murdock. Rudmin discusses results and speculates why certain clusters of societal variables correlate with private property ownership.


This article is second in a series of four: Rudmin, 1992a; Rudmin, 1992b; Rudmin, 1995; Rudmin, 1996.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)by other researchersEA cases matching those of Swanson's were used (n=49)
Swanson (1966)by other researchers50 societies originally sampled and coded

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