Form and Function in Human Song

Current Biology Vol/Iss. 28 Elsevier Ltd. Published In Pages: 356-368
By Mehr, Samuel A., Singh, Manvir, York, Hunter, Glowacki, Luke , Krasnow, Max M.


The present research investigates the theory of universality in form and function in human song in a sample of people from 60 countries listening to music from 86 mainly small-scale societies. The aims are to document whether people 1) identify the social function of a song solely on form, 2) demonstrate form-function inferences, 3) use contextual aspects to distinguish song functions, and 4) use musical features to differentiate song functions. The authors claim support for the universal perception of song form-function in music listeners.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Probability Sample Files (PSF)Used the Natural History of Song The PSF culture areas were used to derive cultures to sample music from.

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