RETRACTED: Complex societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history

Nature Vol/Iss. 567(7748) Springer Nature Publishing AG Published In Pages: 226-229
By Whitehouse, Harvey, François, Pieter, Savage, Patrick E., Curie, Thomas E., Feeney, Kevin C., Cioni, Enrico, Purcell, Rosalind, Moss, Robert M., Larson, Jennifer, Baines, John, ter Haar, Barend, Covey, Alan, Turchin, Peter


Researchers tackle the moral gods hypothesis which proposes that moral gods enabled large-scale societies to evolve. They use 414 societies spanning 10,000 years in Seshat: Global History Databank and code 51 measures of social complexity and four measures of moral gods. The findings of the present study challenge the moral gods hypothesis. In the societies studied, complex societies appear to precede moral gods rather than the inverse of moral gods preceding complex societies.

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