Post-marital residence patterns show lineage-specific evolution

Evolution and Human Behavior Vol/Iss. 39 ELSEVIER Published In Pages: 594-601
By Moravec, Jiri C., Atkinson, Quentin D., Bowern, Claire, Greenhill, Simon J. , Jordan, Fiona M., Ross, Robert R., Gray, Russell D. , Marsland, Stephen, Cox, Murray P.


Researchers examine post-marital residence patterns across five language phylogenies encompassing 371 ethnolinguistic groups. These language families are the Austronesian (Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific), Bantu (Sub-Saharan Africa), Indo-European (Eurasia), Pama-Nyungan (Australia), and Uto-Aztecan (Western USA and Mesoamerica). Contrary to the study's predictions, post-marital residence patterns did not evolve in similar ways across geographical regions but at a pace specific to its lineage.

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