The evolution of daily food sharing: A Bayesian phylogenetic analysis

Evolution and Human Behavior Vol/Iss. 40(4) Elsevier Published In Pages: ??
By Ringen, Erik J. , Duda, Pavel, Jaeggi, Adrian V.


The research examines daily food sharing norms of 73 preindustrial societies from the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample. Multilevel regression models reveal that hunting and less predictable environments are not indicative of everyday food sharing, but offer support for many other predictions. Animal husbandry, external trade, daily labor sharing, and the presence of food storage are all predictive of daily food sharing practices whereas sharing is less common amongst large and stratified societies. These results align with evolutionary theories for food sharing practices.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)Previously coded data Ember et al. (2018)

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