History and Ethnic Conflict: Does Precolonial Centralization Matter?

International Studies Quarterly Vol/Iss. 0 Oxford University Press Published In Pages: 1-15
By Ray, Subhasish


Using a self selected sample of 33 ex British colonies and the Ethnic Power Relations database, the author sampled 170 ethnic groups from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to test for association between precolonial state formation, colonial state building tactics, and modern ethnic conflicts. The author theorized that ethnic groups that were centrally governed before the colonial period were less likely to be recruited to colonial security forces, leaving them out of the picture during the formation of the independence movement and the formation of a post-colonial regime. This in turn is theorized to lead to greater contemporary armed conflict against the regime from which they were excluded.


Sample was 33 ex-British colonies in the Ethnic Power Relations data; also used UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflicts dataset and Geo EPR dataset


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Atlas of Pre-Colonial SocietiesUsed coded date from Atlas PCSAuthor's Own

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