Consanguinity as a Major Predictor of Levels of Democracy: A Study of 70 Nations

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology Vol/Iss. 44(2) . Published In Pages: 263–280
By Woodley, Michael A., Bell, Edward


While it is widely accepted that there are a multitude of variables that contribute to a society’s level of democracy, the authors of this study argue that the prevalence of consanguinity is one that is often overlooked. Using a sample of 70 nations, they tested the relationship between consanguinity (defined as marriage and subsequent mating between second cousins or closer relatives) and level of democracy (defined by both the Polity IV scale and the EIU Index) and found a significant negative relationship. Similarly, when controlled for a host of different variables in multiple regression analysis, the significant relationship between consanguinity and level of democracy held true.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Polity IV Database
Consanguinity/endogamy resourcePublished by A. H. Bittles (2001)
EIU Index

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