A global analysis of cultural tightness in non-industrial societies

Proceedings of the Royal Society Vol/Iss. 287(1930) Royal Society Publishing Published In Pages: ??
By Jackson, Joshua Conrad, Gelfand, Michele J., Ember, Carol R.


This article builds on previous cross-country and cross-state research into Tightness-Looseness (TL) theory, which proposes relationships between the incidence of ecological threat and cultural tightness, as well as tightness’ downstream effects on belief in a moralizing high god, inter-group contact and authoritarian leadership. To evaluate the generalizability of TL theory beyond complex cultures, the authors test these relationships among 86 nonindustrial societies from the ethnographic record. A structural equation model is presented of the results for nonindustrial societies; it is generally in accord with previous findings from more complex societies. Because the nonindustrial sample is more variable, they also look at relationships between societal complexity and kinship heterogeneity, aspects that vary in nonindustrial societies.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)Subset, 86 societies

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