Drivers of global variation in land ownership

Ecography Vol/Iss. 44 Wiley New Jersey Published In Pages: 67-74
By Kavanaugh, Patrick, Haynie, Hannah J., Kushnick, Geoff, Vilela, Bruno, Tuff, Ty, Bowern, Claire , Low, Bobbi S., Ember, Carol R., Kirby, Kathryn R. , Botero, Carlos A. , Gavin, Michael C.


Using multiple logistic regression, the researchers compare the relative strength of predictors of land ownership across 102 societies. The analysis finds significant predictive power in factors such as neighbors' property system, population density, and geography.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
eHRAF World CulturesResearcher's ownNew codes on land ownership
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)Other researcher's
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)Other researcher'sNew environmental variables using principal component analysis

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