Ecowisdom and Water in Human Settlements

Ecological Wisdom Springer Publishing New York City Published In Pages: 111 - 123
By Lieberknecht, Katherine


This chapter comes from a book chiefly concerned with the issue of "ecological wisdom." The concept of ecological wisdom is defined as historical and contextual knowledge about both a local environment and the systems and relationships present in that environment. In this chapter, the author is specifically interested in ways that ecological wisdom is involved with water conservation strategies. To this end, the author collected 1012 records of water systems from eHRAF World Cultures which were qualitatively coded into 12 types of ecologically wise water conservation strategies. Two of these strategies are then explored in detail.


While this paper utilized eHRAF, it is ostensibly qualitative and no statistical tests were made.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
eHRAF World Culturesresearcher's ownIn this paper, the researcher collected 1012 records of water systems from eHRAF

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