Longevity Among Hunter-Gatherers: A Cross-Cultural Examination

Population and Development Review Vol/Iss. 33(2) Wiley-Blackwell Hoboken, NJ Published In Pages: 321-365
By Gurven, Michael, Kaplan, Hillard


This article seeks to reevaluate the widespread assumption that hunter-gatherers lack the longevity that people in the modern, industrialized world enjoy. Through modeling life expectancy, mortality, and other demographic trends among extant hunter-gatherer, gatherer-horticulturalists, and horticulturalists societies they are able to challenge this belief. The authors conclude that longevity is a "novel feature of Homo sapiens" and that seven decades seems to be the natural lifespan of a human.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Unique sample of 21 extant hunter-gatherer, gatherer-horticulturalist, and horticulturalist societiesresearcher's own and other researchersresearchers make models based on demographic data from 21 societies

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