Sex Difference on the Importance of Veiling: A Cross-Cultural Investigation

Cross-Cultural Research Vol/Iss. 54(5) Human Relations Area Files, Inc. New Haven, CT Published In Pages: 486-501
By Pazhoohi, Farid, Kingstone, Alan


In this article, the authors seek to test the theory that the veiling of women is a form of male mate guarding strategy, especially in harsh environments (specifically those with poor health and high mortality). They test this hypothesis using survey data drawn from 25 majority Muslim countries. This theory found support in the results of their statistical tests. In addition to testing the hypotheses articulated in the paper (as noted above), they also ran correlations between income level, importance of religion, and a countries sex ratio and views on the importance of veiling.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
CIA World Factbookby other researchersresearchers used sex ratio data from this source
Pew Research Center's World's Muslims Datasetby other researchersresearchers used a subset of 26,282 respondents out of the 32,604 total respondents in this database
National Health Indexby other researchersretrieved from the World Health Organization Statistical Information System

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