Dominance, Social Control, and Ownership: A History and a Cross-Cultural Study of Motivation for Private Property

Behavior Science Research Vol/Iss. 22(4) Elsevier Amsterdam Published In Pages: 130-160
By Rudmin, Floyd Webster


In this article, the author seeks to correlate interpersonal values with attitudes toward private property. After giving a brief intellectual history on the philosophy of private property, the author draws data from the Multinational Student Survey (MSS) in order to discern attitudes towards private property and preferences for one of six psychological constructs (Support, Conformity, Recognition, Independence, Benevolence, Leadership) which were outlined in the Survey of Interpersonal Values which was itself incorporated in the aforementioned MSS. These measures were then edited in order to be correlated and the reliability of each was verified. The strongest correlations that resulted were for dominance and nonconformity. The author concludes without a theory of how to reckon with these seemingly paradoxical results.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Multinational Student SurveyThis was an in-depth survey of college age men conducted in 1968 across 15 countries

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