Predictors of Land Privatization: Cross-Cultural Tests of Defendability and Resource Stress Theory

American Anthropologist Vol/Iss. 122(4) American Anthropological Association Arlington, VA Published In Pages: 745-758
By Ember, Carol R., Adem, Terferi Abate, Brougham, Tahlisa, Pitek, Emily


In this article, the authors seek to understand the predictors of land privatization by empirically testing defendability and resource stress theory. By drawing on previous research they are able to test these theories in more expansive and nuanced ways. They conclude that they have found strong support for defendability theory.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)researcher's own and other researchersfrom which the researchers used a subsample of 83 societies of their own data and a combined subsample of 133 societies that also incorporated other researcher's data
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)by other researchersdata collected for the same 83 and 133 society subsamples list above

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