Dog-Human Coevolution: Cross-Cultural Analysis of Multiple Hypotheses

Journal of Ethnobiology Vol/Iss. 40 (4) BioOne Washington, DC Published In Pages: 414-433
By Chambers, Jaime, Quinlan, Marsha B., Evans, Alexis, Quinlan, Robert J.


In this article, the authors seek to understand dog-human coevolution by considering predictors of different aspects of dog-human relationships across cultures. In order to measure dog-human relationships, the researchers created three indexes: dogs' utility for humans (DUH), humans' utility for dogs (HUD), and the personhood of dogs (PD). Each of these indexes were tested against various pre-coded variables that were empirically and theoretically relevant to this subject.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)researcher's own and other researchers

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