It's Our Fault: A Global Comparison of Different Ways of Explaining Climate Change

Human Ecology Vol/Iss. 49(2) Springer Publishing New York, NY Published In Pages: 1-13
By Schnegg, Michael, O'Brian, Coral Iris, Slevert, Inga Janina


In this paper, the authors survey a collection of 28 ethnographic case studies that are concerned with indigenous understandings of climate change. They argue that while more and more people across the globe are becoming concerned with the issue of climate change, these people are not merely accepting scientific narratives. On the contrary, these researchers map out various ways that scientific narratives interact with local ones. They categorize these interactions as hybridity, domination/resistance, and pluralism. The overwhelming majority of cases showed that hybridity between local and scientific narratives and ontologies were present.


While this article was ostensibly cross-cultural, it was more qualitative and exploratory and for those reasons no hypotheses were tested.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
28 ethnographic case studiesresearcher's own

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