Cooperation and trust across societies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology Vol/Iss. 52 (7) SAGE Publications Published In Pages: 622-642
By Romano, Angelo, Spadaro, Guiliana , Balliet, Daniel , Joireman, Jeff , Van Lissa, Caspar , Jin, Shuxian , Agostini, Maximilian , Belanger, Jocelyn J. , Gutzkow, Ben , Kreienkamp, Jannis , Leander, N. Pontus , PsyCorona Collaboration


Researchers used various hypotheses to determine if cross-country differences in trust and cooperation would predict prosocial COVID-19 responses and policies. Using individual surveys from 34,526 participants from 41 countries, there were no significant associations between trust and cooperation and prosocial behavior, motivation, regulation, or stringency of policies. While the researchers did find significant variation among cross-country individuals, these results were unable to predict country-level prosocial responses.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
World Values Survey (WVS)Other researchers
World BankOther researchers
Oxford COVID-19 Government Response TrackerOther researchers
Center for Systems Science and EngineeringOther researchers

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