Sunlight and culture

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Vol/Iss. Issue 188 Elsevier Published In Pages: 757-782
By Fredriksson, Per G. , Mohanty, Aatishya


This article used sub-national, historical and cross-country data to examine if exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV-R) could be a factor in the formation of individualism and collectivism. The study found support, across all data sets, that increased exposure to UV-R is associated to more collectivism within a culture. The authors theorized that UV-R exposure increases the likelihood of eye disease causing higher rates of blindness. With increased levels of blindness, the more emphasis there will be on close family relations and/or increased uncertainty avoidance from out-groups leading to more collectivism in a culture.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)Other researchersHistorical individualism data
World Values Survey (WVS)Other researchersSub-national individualism data
Hofstede et. al (2010)Other researchersINDIV variable
NASAOther researchersUV-R data

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