Understanding cultural persistence and change

Review of Economic Studies Vol/Iss. 88 Oxford University Press Published In Pages: 1541-1581
By Guiliano, Paola , Nunn, Nathan


Derived from the evolutionary anthropology theory, this study examines the difference of importance placed on traditions and customs between cultures. The authors found that descendants from regions with less climatic stability place less emphasis on tradition and customs than those from more stable environments. The authors suggest that with climatic stability, the traditions and customs which have evolved and benefited the previous generations will be passed on to the next, therefore promoting cultural persistence.


For the purpose of EHC, only the cross-cultural hypotheses are listed below.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)Other researchersHistorical location of ethnic groups
World Values Survey (WVS)Other researchersImportance of tradition
Mann et. al (2009)CombinationClimate data
Cook et. al Other researchersClimate data

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