Evolution of initiation rites during the Austronesian dispersal

Science Progress Vol/Iss. 104(3) SAGE Publications Published In Pages: 1-16
By Bentley, R. Alexander , Moritz, William R. , Ruck, Damian J. , O'Brien, Michael J.


This paper builds on previous Austronesian dispersal research that indicated rituals and social complexity gave rise to each other, by examining if marital residence and initiation rites co-evolved during the dispersal. Using a phylogenetic test and initiation data from 79 societies, the authors found evidence that female and male initiation rites co-evolved during the dispersal and were most stable when both initiation rites were present. The authors also suggest that proto-Austronesian society probably lacked initiation rites and such rites only developed later.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)Researcher's ownData on initiations
Currie et. al, 2010Other researchersAustronesian societies

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