A data-driven analysis of sociocultural, ecological, and economic correlates of depression across nations

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology Vol/Iss. 52 (8-9) SAGE Publications Published In Pages: 822-843
By Li, Zeyang, Wei, Anna, Palanivel, Vishanth, Jackson, Joshua C.


Drawing from previous theories on the cultural variation of depression, this article tested the relationship between 24 sociocultural and ecological factors and the prevalence of depression across 195 countries and territories. The authors first conducted a zero-order association test to find the most contributory factors. Those variables were further tested in a regression model, and controlled for the under-reporting of depression by measuring the number of healthcare workers per capita. The authors found that cultural individualism was the only factor that positively predicted depression prevalence in a multiple regression model.


Only variables found significant after the initial zero-order association test are listed below.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Global Burden of Disease StudyOther researchers

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