Ethnic violence in Africa: destructive legacies of pre-colonial states

International Organization Vol/Iss. 73(3) The IO Foundation Published In Pages: 645-683
By Paine, Jack


This study investigated the difference in rates of violence of precolonial states and stateless ethnic groups in postcolonial Africa. The author hypothesized ethnic groups of precolonial states (PCS) would experience more violence, (i.e. coup attempts and civil wars) than non-PCS groups. The author suggested that because of PCS countries’ inability to allow rival ethnic groups into power positions in addition to the extra power PCS groups gained under colonial rule may lead to more violence.


“PCS countries” are countries with at least one pre-colonial state group. “SLPCS groups” are stateless groups within a PCS country. “SL groups” are stateless groups in non-PCS countries.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Ethnic Power Relations (EPR)Combination

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