Ancestral Kinship and the Origins of Ideology

British Journal of Political Science Vol/Iss. Online only Cambridge University Press Published In Pages: 1-21
By Fasching, Neil, Lelkes, Yphtach


The preindustrial family structure instilled family members with values that passed through generations and impact today's political attitudes and policies. Three studies show that ancestral kinship structure predicts right-wing cultural attitudes and, among those less engaged in politics, left-wing economic attitudes (though controlling for the country of residence removes this prediction). Stronger country-level ancestral kinship strength also increases anti-LGBT policies and welfare spending. This work indicates that political beliefs are rooted in the value systems and familial institutions created by our forebears.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)Other researchersData on kinship strength
World Values Survey (WVS)Other researchersData on individuals
European Social SurveyOther researchersData on country of residence, country of origin, and political attitudes
International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Intersex AssociationOther researchersData on LGBT-friendly laws
Atlas of Social Protection Indicators of Resilience and Equity (ASPIRE)Other researchersData on social welfare policy

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