Comparing measured dietary variation within and between tropical hunter-gatherer groups to the Paleo Diet

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Vol/Iss. 118(3) American Society for Nutrition Published In Pages: 549-560
By Lieberman, Daniel E., Worthington, Steven, Schell, Laura D., Parkent, Christine M., Devinsky, Orrin, Carmody, Rachel N.


Do tropical hunter-gatherers follow the diet known today as the Paleo diet? Using nutritional data on 11 tropical hunter-gatherer groups, this study asses dietary composition. The results show that there are high levels of variation in the distribution of protein, fat, and carbohydrates among the sample of 11 hunter-gatherer groups.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Ethnographic SampleResearchers' ownResearchers identified 15 studies from 11 societies using the Ethnographic Atlas, AnthroSource, Anthropology Plus, and eHRAF World Cultures.

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