Climate, Climate Change and the Global Diversity of Human Houses

Evolutionary Human Sciences Vol/Iss. N/A Cambridge University Press Published In Pages: ??
By Dunn, Robert R., Kirby, Kathryn R. , Bowern, Claire, Ember, Carol R., Gray, Russell D. , McCarter, Joe, Kavanagh, Patrick H., Nichols, Lauren M., Trautwein, Michelle, Gavin, Michael C. , Botero, Carlos A.


This study uses macroecological approaches to test the impact of climate, social environment, inter-group borrowing and cultural history on vernacular house architecture among 1140 societies. The authors suggest that certain features will be influenced: wall materials, ground plan, roof shape, and floor placement. They use mixed binary and multinominal regressions models to test these predictions. The results strongly support that climatic drivers, cultural continuity, and inter-group borrowing predict three out of the four features: wall materials, roof shape, and floor placement. Social drivers are a strong predictor of every feature tested.

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