Norm violations and punishments across human societies

Evolutionary Human Sciences Vol/Iss. 5 Cambridge University Press Published In Pages: E11
By Garfield, Zachary H., Ringen, Erik J. , Buckner, William, Medupe, Dithapelo, Wrangham, Richard W. , Glowachi, Luke


This study uses Bayesian phylogenetic regression modelling across 131 largely non-industrial societies to test how variation of punishment is impacted by social, economic, and political organization. The authors focus on the presence of norm violations and types of punishments, and explores their relationships. The norm violations include adultery, rape, religious violations, food violations, and war cowardice. While the types of punishment are reputational, material, physical, or education. This study suggests a hypothesis for each type of punishment in relation to socioecological variables.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
eHRAF World CulturesResearcher's ownEthnographic texts from 131 largely non-industrial societies
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)Researcher's ownSocioecological predictors from 131 largely non-industrial societies

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