Amazonian foods and implications for human biology

Annals of Human Biology Vol/Iss. 43(4) Taylor & Francis Group Published In Pages: 330-348
By Dufour, Darna L., Piperata, Barbara A., Murrieta, Rui S.S., Wilson, Warren M., Williams, Drake D.


This article is a literature review on Amazonian food intake to evaluate the quality of the diet. The authors discuss traditional foods, the nutritional characteristics of core and non-core foods, and the implications of diets based on traditional foods. The authors emphasize the importance of collecting more detailed dietary intake data to better understand Amazonians' diet quality.


Note that the hypotheses here more accurately describe the literature review's results.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
eHRAF World CulturesResearchers' own Information on the diet of each Amerindian society from Roosevelt's (1994) list (1950s to the present)
Roosevelt (1994)Researchers' own 9 Amerindian and Ribeirinho societies

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